Ceramic Coating Services San Diego

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Everyone wants their car to stun everybody around them. Whether you have an old car or a new one, you want everyone’s jaws to drop on the floor. But with so much dust and rocks that chip away the paint, your ride would lose all of its magnificence. That is why SD Autostyle gives you the best ceramic coating services in San Diego so that we can help you maintain the beauty of your beloved ride.

Ceramic coating is another type of protective coating for the paint of your car so that your car doesn’t get any scratches. Our services are personalized so we can exceed your expectations and go an extra mile to give you the best experience in all of California with our best-in-class ceramic coating solutions across San Diego.

Reasons to invest in Ceramic Coating Services San Diego

The environment in San Diego has become hazardous for automobiles. Car owners have special complaints with regards to the damage done to the exterior of their cars. It ruins their beauty no matter what you do by yourself, but that’s where we come into play as the best ceramic coating provider.

With our premium ceramic coating, your car paint stays intact from UV rays, bird droppings, dust and other scruffy material. We know you adore your car and understand your concerns which is why we recommend ceramic coating services instead of polishing and waxing. Ceramic coating goes a long way and guarantees protection to the look of your car.

Reasons to invest in Ceramic Coating
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Forget waxing and polishing

All the scratch marks on your car’s exterior remain there even with all the care. Even polishing and waxing do not do any good to your precious ride. So, why not go for our word and try the best ceramic coating services in San Diego? Ceramic coating contains a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the outside of your car by hand.

Leaving an invisible, durable, and hydrophobic protective layer that blends in with your paint job, your car will shine brightly for many years thanks to ceramic coating!

Key features of our Ceramic Coating Services

Here are all the major features of ceramic coating solutions in San Diego that will show you why you need it:

  • Protection from external damage
  • Enhanced glossy look
  • Resistant to scratches and marks
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy maintenance
  • Water repellent
  • Cost effective

Why choose us

Advanced techniques and technology with flawless coating results.

Pre-coating cleaning and polishing.

High quality ceramic coating provider.

Detailed coating leaving no stone unturned.

Economic with premium benefits.

Minimum 5 to 7 years of durability guaranteed.


If you want your car to look the same even after 5 or 7 years, then yes, ceramic coating is exactly what you need!

Normally, detailed ceramic coating lasts for an average of 7 years. The more care you take, the longer it will last! The type of environment that surrounds the vehicle also matters a lot.

Yes! Even wax like Carnauba and synthetic shine polymers are applicable and safe to apply on ceramic coating.

No. Usually, ceramic coating can wear off only with machine polishing as the coating is very firm and a tough physical layer.

  • Wash your car using the two-bucket method twice a week.
  • Do not wash your car in direct sunlight.
  • Make use of ph Neutral Car Shampoo.
  • Use separate buckets and gloves for lower areas and on the wheels.

Yes, heavy cleaning soaps or cleansers can cause the coating to wear off. So, look for soaps and cleansers specifically designed for ceramic coated cars.

Within 24 hours, you can drive your car. Make sure to keep water in any form away from the newly coated car.

There are semi-permanent and permanent ceramic coatings.  The quality and durability of both may vary.

No, it doesn’t crack, fade or turn yellow.

Rain does not affect your car’s coating or paint so you can drive without any worry.