Window Tint Services San Diego

SD Auto Style Provides Best Quality Window Tint Installation Services For Cars In San Diego. We Offer A Variety Of Tints To, Decrease Interior Heat, For Visual Enhancement, Provide Protection From UV Rays And Protect Your Privacy


Do you often get sunburned while driving in San Diego? The strong sun rays in the US have dangerously high UV rays. These rays pass straight through your car windows. That is why we offer high-quality auto window tint services in San Diego to keep your car cool, comfortable, private and secure!
It acts as an anti-glare screen to give you better visibility while driving and protects your car’s interior from damage through heat and sun rays. Not only that but with our window tint solutions in San Diego, your car will gain a stylish look that no one can match no matter what.
Our people have the right experience and state-of-the-art tech to give you a precision-cut window tint with 100% accuracy. We also offer custom tint designs for when you want a style of your choice.

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Benefits of Tinted Windows In San Diego

With SD Auto Styling, you can get an amazing window tint work in San Diego that no one can offer in the whole United States. Here are some reasons why you need window tint services in San Diego from SD Auto Style.

  • Protection from UV
  • Anti-glare
  • Private and Secure Ride
  • Interior Protection
  • Car Accident Safety
  • Less Air Con, More Savings
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    Comfort, Elegance & Safety Go Hand In Hand

    With SD Auto Style’s top-notch window tint installations in San Diego, the sun and UV rays get absorbed 99%, giving you a cool interior, comfort and protection from the damage of the sun rays. But for some people, these things don’t matter. This is why our window tint services in San Diego also give you peace of mind and privacy in your car. While looking stylish, your car also protects your skin and your privacy.

    If that isn’t enough, wait till you see our wide range of custom tint designs that will leave everyone in awe. We can help you put the design of your choice tinted right on your windows. It is scratch-resistant, meaning your windows will stay scratchless. And it gives you shatter protection as well. If your windows ever break, the glass will not shatter and fall. Instead, it sticks to the tint film, so that in an unforeseen circumstance, you stay unharmed.

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    Why SD Auto Style

    There are so many reasons why you should choose us. Here are some of the top ones that make us the best window tint services in San Diego:

  • Quality second to none
  • Ceramic Tint Particle Technology
  • Customized Options
  • Law-abiding and 100% legal
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Get A QUOTE
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    Tinting the car’s windows will reduce sound vibrations by a small amount. There is no significant effect when the sound is loud.

    In San Diego, State of California, the law requires that the top 4 inches need to stay untinted. The front-side windows should pass 70% of light. However, back and back-side windows can have darker tints.

    Usually, it takes 5 years to fade the tints from 99% to 70%. The tint and window material, weather conditions, and some other factors can fasten this fade rate.

    Although window tints last up to 10 years long, the effectiveness begins to wear off after 5 years. If the window tints are maintained, they can last longer.

    Yes, window tint provides many benefits. Some of them are mentioned below

  • Heat insulation
  • Yes, window tints can be easily removed or replaced, but only with the help of a trained professional. Most people can’t afford the involved process, special tools, and maintenance and performing the tasks is even more difficult.

    Wait for at least 72 hours before cleaning your windows. This is recommended so that the solution underneath the film has dried. Even rolling down the windows is not advised for that time duration.

    Yes, but make sure there is no abrasive material on your wipers on the windscreen. Tint films are fitted on the outside of your windows. Abrasives should not be used on your tinted windows for at least 4 days. You can remove the tint layer from your freshly tinted windows by scraping very easily.

    The window tinting cost in San Diego varies because of these factors

    There are 5 major types of car window tints available: