Protect your new car with Paint Protection Film PPF in San Diego

You’ve bought the ultimate shiny ride or a new car. Your new car looks great, the paint is nearly perfect, and you can’t wait to show it off. But what you may have yet to think about is how to protect that beloved ride to keep it shimmering. 

When you drive your new car in hot San Diego, the sun glints off its pristine finish, but a few months later, that spotless surface has become tarnished by dirt, scratches, and scuffs.

Here comes the PPF. The automotive paint protection film (PPF) is a practically invisible protective layer that provides extra defense from abrasions, dirt or sunlight exposure, all while preserving the integrity of your new car’s exterior.

Not sure if a second layer of sobriety is required? Here are the reasons and everything you need to know about paint protection film and how it can safeguard your vehicle.

What is a Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

You’ve probably heard of paint protection film but don’t know what it is. This is a transparent car shield that is applied as an invisible layer.

This is also known as a transparent bra because it serves as a barrier between the paint and the elements. PPF (Paint Protection Film) is a great option for protecting the car paint from any damage.

People are increasingly turning to PPF for their vehicles. The paint work on a car impacts how it looks and can substantially age it if it is subjected to wear and tear.

There are many external elements that can damage your car paint job like pollutants, corrosion, UV rays or road debris being kicked up.

All of these hazards will adhere to or strike the protective film over the paint. Because a clear mask is considerably more durable than automotive paint, this helps to keep it from being damaged.

Advantages of Paint Protection Films for New car in San Diego

There are a lot of advantages to using an invisible car shield for your car paint. Though the film primarily protects your car from scratches due to versatility, it also shields the car from parking incidents as well as road salt to make the vehicle pristine for longer. Below are a few benefits of paint protection films (PPF) for new vehicles.

Prolong protection of car paint

Most high quality car protection films (PPF) last up to five to seven years of continual use, depending on the driving conditions, preservation, or wear and tear. Before making a wise decision, make sure to thoroughly research the types of films and materials available in the market, and choose certified and adequately trained professionals (SD Auto Style) to install PPF on your vehicle.

Reduce Fading

San Diego’s sunlight, rain and snow can cause your car paint job to fade, making it look old and boring. Also, if the car gets different amounts of sunlight at different times, it ends up with different shades and may need to be painted again. Cars are mostly made of metal, which rusts when left out in the rain and can cause other major problems.

Due to its (PPF) unique chemical properties, PPF blocks harmful UV rays, thus preventing fading. The paint on your new car won’t get dents, scratches, or chips if you put a protective film on it.

Resistance to Heat

Protective paint film also has nanotechnology for heat. PPF is able to prevent UV and IR radiation that could cause damage to the car paint.

UV & IR radiation have a tendency to penetrate automotive paint. This can weaken it and causes fading or signs of wear and tear.

Instant healing of minor scratches

Paint protection films have self healing properties. The multiple layers of the film work together to protect the paint and heal surface level damage. A scratch resistant urethane coating keeps the paint from being destroyed. 

The self-healing paint protection goes back to its lowest energy state when it comes in contact with heat. This means that surface level scratches or dings will heal if you wash the car with warm water or leave it in the sun.

Nicer Finish

A huge benefit of PPF is the type of finish you get. Vehicles with good paint are very eye pleasing and have a tendency to catch the eye.

Although, sometimes different paint jobs can fall a bit flat. This is especially likely if your vehicle paint is getting old.

Paint protection  film (PPF) can improve the vehicle‘s sheen, coming in a variety of different finishes. PPF is the perfect way to give your vehicle a makeover without committing to a large expense

Preserves Vehicle Resale Value 

Maintaining the exterior condition of your vehicle is crucial especially if you intend to sell it later. In addition to mileage and exceptional mechanical condition, the paint job and overall appearance of your vehicle affect its resale value. 

With paint protection film, maintaining the exterior condition of your vehicle is a breeze. Due to the fact that the majority of buyers search out vehicles in pristine condition, an excellent paint job would make a favorable first impression and likely fetch you a higher selling price.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

An initial investment in paint protection film can save you much money on vehicle maintenance. Car exterior maintenance is inexpensive if you make the right choices, such as applying a protective film to your car’s paint. 

Unlike waxing and sealant applications, which require regular application, paint protection film does not. If properly maintained, a professionally applied protection film will last at least five years.

The most critical step in protecting your new vehicle is to protect the paint.

While the car paint is nearly perfect, now is the time to cover your new car with paint protection film. This is a transparent film that is applied over the existing clear coat to protect your vehicle from all types of harm.

First, there is evident damage, such as rock chips from following other vehicles. The majority of paint protection coatings are robust enough to keep sand and rocks from chipping and marring the clear coat or paint on the vehicle’s front end.

There is nothing like getting your brand new car sandblasted on its first actual drive. While taking your brand-new car to a PPF shop before you can drive it is inconvenient, it’s preferable to destroy the finish before you’ve even driven 500 miles.

Paint protection film not only protects against physical damage, but it may also give UV protection. This will lessen the amount of fading that occurs when pigmented paints are exposed to sunlight. As a result, PPF will help to preserve the resale value of your vehicle over time.

Finally, PPF (Paint protection film) protects against damage caused by bird droppings and other environmental concerns. If you’ve ever touched naked paint on a car and felt it was harsh, it’s not because the vehicle is unclean. Because industrial fallout pollution can bond with a clear coat and leave microscopic particles behind.

Will PPF Cause Damage to New Car Paint?

Now that you know what PPF is, is it safe for new vehicle paint? This has a fairly straightforward solution. For brand-new automotive paint, PPF is safe.

The application of this won’t cause any damage to your car. However, you must ensure that a professional applies it.

It takes a great deal of training and experience to apply paint protection film. Only a professional will be able to perform this without any harm.

Things you consider before applying PPF on new cars

It is critical to note that not all paint protection films are created equal. Some people are simply superior to others. As a result, there are a few things you should think about before investing in PPF or a clear bra.

Do your research

Before you have a professional place any film or coating on your car, do your due diligence. 

Consider other options

There are various professional nano ceramic coatings available that will provide years of outstanding protection. While they aren’t as effective as PPF at protecting against rock chips and bigger road debris, they do have a number of advantages. Set up a session with a certified installer who offers both PPF and ceramic coating. They will direct you to the best product for your vehicle, budget, and requirements.

How long are you planning on keeping the car?

If you trade in your vehicle every few years and want the best trade-in value, a PPF installation on the front end is an excellent, low-cost alternative to consider. Consider a full car installation or a mix of PPF and nano ceramic coating if you intend to maintain the vehicle for a long period.

Paint protection films are excellent items for maintaining the appearance of your car, truck, SUV, RV, motorbike, or commercial equipment looking like new. And, believe it or not, PPF is less expensive than you might think, especially if you have a new car that requires less paint correction or prep work.

You have the freedom to choose the best PPF installation for you. Whether you want a partial hood or clear bra installation, or full vehicle covering with a 10 year warranty or more, SD Auto Style has a cost-effective option. 

Bottom lines

As we discussed, a paint protection film is a fantastic investment for auto owners who wish to keep their vehicles looking new for many years. If you want to protect the paint on your automobile, learn more about our PPF services and call now. Are you thinking about obtaining PPF for your car? Contact SD Auto Style today for a free quote.


You may be asking if PPF is safe if you have new car paint. After all, the last thing you want to do is ruin your newly purchased coat of paint.

The good news is that it will not harm your vehicle’s paint as long as it is applied by a professional.

It is directly applied to the color. Under the protection, there is no wax, polish, or other substance. It is applied to the raw paint so that it can adhere to the paint and provide extended protection. After the paint protection has been applied, the automobile is waxed and shined before being delivered to you.

Another noteworthy advantage of car PPF is that it is easy to remove, unlike a regular paint job and leaving no traces behind. This is why PPF is important to approach professionals to get it removed since doing so ensures little to almost no damage to the car’s paint. Easy removal is also particularly beneficial if you’re planning to resell your car in the future, you only need to remove the film and unveil the car with a perfect paint finish underneath.

PPF (Paint protection film) is also referred to as a clear bra or a wrap. It is a thin layer of flexible material placed over a vehicle’s body panels to protect car paint from flying rocks or road debris.

Yes! PPF is worth every cent. PPF (Paint Protection Film) is a transparent protective film that is applied on the exterior of a vehicle to reduce the risk of paint damage. 

If you recently buy a car, you’ll most likely come across paint protection films or ceramic coatings as options to protect your car’s paint. Though the price tag is the primary reason most people question its durability, PPF offers exceptional value for money.

Paint protection film usually lasts five to ten years if applied correctly. There are many factors that determine how long the PPF installation will last. If your vehicle stays in a garage, away from harmful UV rays, dust, or rain, the paint protection film (PPF) will last longer than if the car is parked outside.

Most importantly, having a professional install PPF will give you the best results. Anything less might result in peeling, yellowing, and air bubbles

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