The Long-Term Benefits of Ceramic Coating in San Diego's Climate

In San Diego’s hot weather, every car owner strives to keep their car in pristine condition, especially when it comes to the vehicle exterior. Frequently going to a car wash or even applying car wax gets tedious, or the results don’t last too long. 

And you’re tired of maintaining your vehicle day-to-day? Or is it hectic to go to the car wash or apply car wax for you? And you are looking for a long term solution to protect your car’s paint.

Perhaps it’s time to consider Ceramic coating. Ceramic coating not only helps to keep your vehicle exterior glossy but also provides long lasting protection. Furthermore, it also simplifies upkeep for every car owner later on. We’ve put together a guide on this (ceramic coating) technology, which might become your new favorite protection method.

But before you consider ceramic coating, first explore the benefits of ceramic coating.

So, What’s the Ceramic coating?

For a good reason, Ceramic coating  has acquired a lot of popularity in recent years. Also, it has already become one of the best options for a vehicle’s exterior protection. 

Ceramic coating builds a layer of protection that almost seems like having a layer of glass around the vehicle.  

A ceramic or nano-ceramic coating is a process of applying a polymer liquid on the vehicle’s exterior to protect the original paint from minor scratches and abrasions,  fading, and stains, thus preserving lustre and minimizing car wash frequency.  

It is a polymer liquid  that is made with SiO2 (Silicon dioxide, also known as silica) and Titanium dioxide (TiO2). Both compounds combine and form a covalent bond with the original paint that is hydrophobic in nature and forms a nano-ceramic shield above the vehicle’s clear coat. Due to this chemical bonding and the creation of a new layer, the car’s factory paint job remains untouched.

The chemical composition of the ceramic coat enables it to stay on your vehicle’s body for up to five-seven years. So, it’s more durable protection than any other method, including car polish, sealant or waxing.

Are you still wondering Is it really the best solution for your car? Or Is it a long-term solution to protect your car’s paint? Let’s find out.

Looking for the long term benefits of Ceramic coating?

There’s no doubt. Over time, your vehicle’s paint can begin to look a little less shiny or attractive than it once did. Each time you drive it, your car is exposed to different issues like the sun, birds dripping, salt rain, dust, and other toxic environmental elements or debris. 

Due to these elements, your vehicle’s paint is being damaged slowly. In these circumstances, you may think about how to protect your beloved car. Or look for a long term solution that protects your vehicle. 

Here comes Ceramic coating. It is one of the best ways to protect your car from the sun, rain, and other harsh elements in the environment that set on your paint and cause a variety of spots and blemishes.

SD Auto Style offers a ceramic coating that provides the following long term benefits.

  • Exclusive Protection Against Ultraviolet (UV) Rays
  • Aesthetic Appeal and Showroom Finish
  • Hydrophobic (Water-repellant) Property that Keeps your Car Clean
  • Best long term solution
  • Effortless Maintenance
  • Shielding against scratches and Chemical Resistance

Exclusive Protection Against Ultraviolet (UV) Rays

The abundant sunshine in San Diego is a blessing, but prolonged exposure to harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays can damage your vehicle’s exterior. The paint on cars frequently exposed to the sun will start to fade and seem dull. This is due to the ultraviolet radiation, which oxidizes a car’s paint. 

Ceramic coating will protect your vehicle’s paint from the ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun and prevent it from fading and wearing a dull look. You can preserve your car’s clear surface and extensively extend its lifespan by investing in ceramic coating.

Aesthetic Appeal and Showroom Finish

All vehicle owners love the attractiveness of their cars. It’s not easy to maintain the showroom like shine since numerous factors affect your vehicle’s paint. Over the years, it simply loses its shine and if the car is overexposed to the sun, it can even fade a bit.

That’s where the protective ceramic coating comes in for the rescue. Ceramic glossy coating gives the car a nice lustre and improves its appearance. Since the layer is also transparent, it allows the car’s original paint to see through.

Every time you look at your vehicle, it will seem as if you were applying fresh or new paint to it. So, if you want to preserve that glossy and shiny look, using a ceramic coat is much more effective than applying wax or polish.

Hydrophobic (Water-repellant) Property that Keeps your Car Clean

One of the best things about the ceramic coating is that the polymer liquid forms a covalent bond with the car’s paint and generates a hydrophobic protective layer. San Diego experiences low humidity levels, but there are occasional periods of rain.

Ceramic coatings successfully repel liquids because they have hydrophobic characteristics. Since the layer is water repellant, it keeps the original paint from any water based paint contaminants.

Best Long term Solution

Ceramic coating is simply better than car wax or polish if you are looking for long-term protection. It is significantly more durable and doesn’t require a second application of the coating on a regular basis. Your car’s paint will be protected for many years by the coating, which forms a strong shield.

On average, a ceramic coat will last between 2 and 5 years.

If you choose a ceramic coating from SD Auto Style, you expect it to remain intact for many years despite exposure to environmental elements, airborne pollutants, bird droppings, or other potential contaminants.

Effortless Maintenance

Compared to car sealant and wax, the main benefit of ceramic coating is easier cleaning. Precisely, if you apply car wax on your vehicle and there is a storm the next day. You’ll have to wash your vehicle, therefore removing the wax.

On the other hand, the hydrophobic nature of ceramic coating repels water and dirt, making it easier to clean your vehicle. San Diego’s occasional rainfall becomes an advantage as water effortlessly slides off, leaving no water spots or streaks. 

Because a ceramic coating is resistant, dirt and other contaminants won’t be able to adhere to your car. This implies that you won’t need to scrub your car thoroughly or at all to make it look brand new again.

Shielding Against Scratches and Chemical Resistance

With San Diego’s busy streets and dynamic urban life, it’s natural that your car has scratches and chemical contaminants. Ceramic coating protects your car from scratches since the silicon dioxide (SiO2) compound solidifies and creates a barrier between the car paint and the ceramic layer. 

So, you might be able to save yourself or avoid the trouble of having to repair minor scratches.

Particularly in San Diego and other locations where air pollution is steadily increasing, ceramic coating can be tremendously beneficial.

Even in San Diego’s unpredictable environment this nano technology ensures that your vehicle stays in good condition.

Final Thoughts

Now you know about all of the ceramic coating benefits, and you can decide whether it’s the best option for your car. Since it not only offers longevity and a stunning aesthetic appeal but it can also save your vehicle from minor scratches.

For San Diego car owners who seek ultimate protection, ceramic coating is a must have investment for them.

Once applied, you’ll enjoy carefree driving with your car having its original paint gloss restored and looking fresh at all times.

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